Federico Gutiérrez, made a spectacular race in Súper Óvalo Aguascalientes México, in order to achieve his first triumph in Trucks México Series.

Federico Gutiérrez, who is part of the TOUGHBUILT-BOLSA DX Development Project, made a spectacular race in Súper Óvalo Aguascalientes México, thus achieving his first triumph in Trucks México Series, completing 90 laps of the 1,400 meter oval in 53m06.953s and achieve 181.661km / h at its best speed.

With this he reaffirms his third position in the general table of the championship, which is very close, missing the dates of San Luis Potosí, Puebla, Puebla and Mexico City.

With Aguascalientes, Fico has five podiums in eight competitions, out of 12, as already mentioned, with 369 points, and is only 16 points behind the leader, Jorge de la Parra, with 385, and 12 from the sub-leader, Giancarlo Vecchi, with 361 .

In Tuxtla he had an accident, in Querétaro he had problems with the truck, in Puebla he was second, in Aguascalientes third, in San Luis Potosí fourth, in Querétaro second, Monterrey third and he triumphed in Monterrey.

The rivals to beat him are Jorge de la Parra (2019 Champion) and Gincarlo Vecchi (2021 Champion).

The sponsors are TOUGHBUILT, BOLSA DX, Telcel, AVAYA, TekNekk, CrediFiel, ReyNet, GC Grupo CESA and MAXITOYS.


José Sabates (NASCAR International), Jimmy Morales (Escudería Telmex Telcel), Michael Panosian (Founder and CEO of TOUGHBUILT), Troy Wilkes (Founder and CEO of TekNekk) and Mike Francis (CEO and Founder Bolsa DX), among others, are part of of the development project of Max and Fico Gutiérrez.

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